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Great Reviews 11/08/2013
Really good Chinese food as far as delivery goes, but took quite a bit longer than expected. Desiree, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 10/12/2013
I've had delivery from here a couple of times and eaten in the restaurant before as well. The first time I had it delivered, I really didn't like the food at all, and I couldn't bring myself to eat even half of it. I told myself then, never again, but then fast forward to tonight... I really wanted Chinese, other delivery places I wanted to order from were closed, and I said to myself, it couldn't have been that bad. I was wrong. I really didn't like it at all tonight either. The order itself was delivered on time and well packaged, but I finished less than half, and just threw the rest out. I'm mostly writing this review to remind myself how much I really don't like the food here. Jonathan, ordered 30 times
Ok Reviews 09/07/2013
Kung Pao (POW) - 5-star spicy is the way to go. Every dish I've had so far has been delicious (salt and pepper pork chops, mongolian chicken, kung pao chicken, and PFR), and arrived hot and fresh - this one had a nice "kick". Love the pork fried rice; a staple with every order! Allyson, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 09/06/2013
over 20 bucks for 2 dishes and no rice? wtf Glenn, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 07/29/2013
i used to order from here all the time and stopped because the food kept getting worse and worse. the chow mein is always slimy and gross and the chicken is always dry. when i order their special chow mein, it always seems like they're always using ingredients that have gone bad. DO NOT order from here. i am convinced they are breaking so many health code violations Ashley, ordered 45 times
Great Reviews 02/27/2013
Pretty Decent Chinese Food!! Would order from again..!! susan, ordered 20 times
Ok Reviews 02/14/2013
Some of their food is good, most is bad. For some reason they are not capeable of giving someone regular coke. I have received diet coke twice instead of regular Terri, ordered 8 times
Ok Reviews 01/26/2013
Pretty bland dishes. Not terrible but I wouldn't order from here again. Callie, ordered 4 times
Bad Reviews 01/12/2013
Sorry Genghis, but I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't really like the food. Shawn, ordered 33 times
Great Reviews 01/05/2013
The food is decent but for me it is the delivery service keeps me returning. The components come packaged separately where appropriate and the portions are immense. They are very thoughtful of the delivery process and how the food will be received. Suzanne, ordered 16 times
Great Reviews 12/30/2012
Overall everything tasted fresh. The special chow mein lacked meat, even though I asked for extra. Oyster Beef is fabulous. The Kung Pao Chicken was ordered as a 4* spicey was pretty bland. They didn't do a very good job of following the special instructions. Kathleen, ordered 10 times
Bad Reviews 12/22/2012
I ordered from here expecting some great simple Chinese take-out based on the reviews. I ordered Vegetable Chow Mein and Vegetable Fried Rice. Both were bland and salty and had no flavor. I love greasy Chinese, but it has to have a great taste and/or sauce. This place provided none of that. Ian, ordered 17 times
Bad Reviews 12/12/2012
Horrible! Ordered Mongolian beef and honey walnut prawns . Mongolian beef was not what it is supposed to be at all. I got a soupy , soggy meat with cabbage, broccoli and green peppers??? Last I check Mongolian beef consisted of seared beef on a bed of onions and green onions and peppers ! Tasted awful! Honey walnut prawns consisted of heavily breaded and dry fried prawns with a thick mayo like dressing on the side . Needless to say my dinner has been ruined tonight. Will not order again ever! Lauriane, ordered 61 times
Great Reviews 11/12/2012
It's the first time for cold B.B.Q. Pork. It's nice. I like strong mustard, and it's just perfect strong for me. Szechwan Bean Curd is great, but I really like spicy Szechwan. Although they give a spicy sauce, I may need to ask for 6 star next time. Delivery on time. It's fast actually. I will try again for sure. Jate, ordered 24 times
Great Reviews 11/10/2012
Ordered lunch for our team and it was awesome! everything arrived on time, properly labeled and sealed and the food was amazing! :) The green beans were fresh and flavorful, best general tsao chicken we have ever had and excellent fried rice! Thanks for the good service guys !! we saved your number heather, ordered 1 times
Ok Reviews 11/06/2012
The egg fower soup was as bad as it could be, it was starch water. no flavor, just starch water. every thing else was good to fair. I will order diferantly next time Thomas, ordered 12 times
Bad Reviews 11/02/2012
The food is what you'd expect from your typical Chinese restaurant - perfectly reasonable, though not exceptional, americanized Chinese food. My most recent delivery, though, was less reasonable. The delivery driver couldn't find my condo building - this is the first time any delivery driver has had this problem, including previous delivers from Genghis Khan. I give the driver simple instructions on how to find the building, but he just didn't seem interested in listening. I finally give up, and told him I'd just meet him at a nearby parking lot (in the rain) in a minute or two. When he expressed some frustration over the delay, I had to explain to him I was expecting the food to be delivered - it was going to take me a few moments to get dressed and travel to the parking lot to meet him. When I finally met him, he asks for ID. And than refuses to give me the food, as he says my ID didn't match the order. I had to take his order sheet, hold my credit card next to my name on the sheet, and insist that names matched before he relented and let me have my food. If I knew I'd have to get dressed and go out to get food, I'd have walked to any number of local restaurants, instead. And as a bonus, I wouldn't have to argue with them to give me the food. I paid for convenience, and got anything-but. Irfaan, ordered 95 times
Great Reviews 10/09/2012
I was really happy with my order tonight! Everything had great flavor. David, ordered 19 times
Bad Reviews 10/01/2012
The food was great but they forgot the soup. I like to get what I pay for! genie, ordered 4 times
Bad Reviews 09/22/2012
Our order took 1 hour and 40 minutes to deliver, when it was quoted as 45-60 minutes. Despite a couple of friendly calls, they would not refund our order. On top of that our food was cold and they forgot the hot mustard, which was our only special request. Wade, ordered 100 times
Bad Reviews 08/31/2012
Delivery took 20 minutes longer than quoted which normally I don't care about but I had someone I needed to pick up at the train station. Ordered: crab rangoon - meh Mandarin chicken - soggy and greasy Singapore noodles - absolute WORST I have ever had, dry and flavorless Not to mention the incredibly small servings for the amount of money you are spending. My total was over $41, wish I could get my money back. The only decent thing was the steamed broccoli with garlic sauce which I can't be that nice about because really, how difficult is that? And it came in a tiny box that cost $7.95. And I have never ordered Chinese food entrees that did not come with white rice. Maybe I am just spoiled by east coast Chinese delivery, I don't know. I wanted to like this place. I have never written a bad review about a restaurant before but I wish someone had written a review like this for me to see, warning me not to waste my time and money. I will never order from this place again. Marjory, ordered 6 times
Great Reviews 08/12/2012
The meat in the sweet & sour chicken and bbq pork seems fresher/healthier than other Chinese takeout I've had. Everything I've had so far has been tasty. Nicole, ordered 48 times
Great Reviews 08/03/2012
I love the Mandarin chicken, and used to love the Hot and Sour, but somewhere along the line they changed recipe/cooks on their hot and sour soup. Please bring back the old style. I have loved this place since discovered it 3 years ago, and it used to have the best hot and sour soup, and still has the best Mandarin Chicken you can find. The delivery times have always been fast, and the menu is mostly great. Bradley, ordered 11 times
Bad Reviews 07/22/2012
My Potstickers were burned. All 6 of them! Very disappointed. :( Rochelle, ordered 11 times
Great Reviews 07/01/2012
Fast delivery. The food is a bit expensive, but well worth it. The portions are HUGE. About a 8/10 compared to the best chinese food I've ever had. Definitely check this place out. (Also try the deep fried prawns, they're AMAZING!) Michael, ordered 15 times
Great Reviews 05/19/2012
The General Tsao's is the best, delivery definitely takes a while but it's well worth it. Wish it was $10 delivery though... Miranda, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 05/13/2012
Genghis Khan is the best -- fuck all of you haters. Loren, ordered 195 times
Ok Reviews 05/09/2012
It was OK. That might be generous. Jonathan, ordered 43 times
Bad Reviews 05/05/2012
This food was terrible. Over priced, poor portions, TERRIBLE quality. Everything about this restaurant made me sick. Sahar, ordered 39 times
Bad Reviews 04/28/2012
Pretty poor food. Tasted like the same meat with different sauces poured on just before boxing. Gregory, ordered 24 times
Bad Reviews 04/24/2012
I've ordered from here a few times, and while it's never been great, tonight's meal was thrown into the disposal. The Mandarin Chicken was caked in sugar. So much that there was no sauce, because it was soaked up by the granulated sugar coating the bottom of the container. Definitely won't be ordering from here again. Christian, ordered 151 times
Ok Reviews 04/17/2012
The BBQ pork was dry, the hot and sour soup wasn't even remotely sour (blandest soup I have ever had) and the pork in the bbq pork fried rice was ground fine which was unexpected. The pot stickers were ok and delivery was quick. I probably won't be ordering from this place again though. Scott, ordered 137 times
Great Reviews 04/11/2012
Delivery time is SUPER fast. Food is pretty decent as well! Jinny, ordered 37 times
Ok Reviews 04/01/2012
Food took an hour and 15 min to come. Food was warm. The two tiny egg rolls for $4 are a big ripoff. The pork fried rice was basically rice with soy sauce and some tiny bit of pork in it. Tasted ok but it was dry and not work $8. General Tso's chicken was gritty from all the sugar in the sauce, they must have just added a bunch of sugar after? The only good thing was the hot and hour soup. This was my 2nd time ordering from here and after this I won't be again. anna, ordered 25 times
Bad Reviews 04/01/2012
What take out place delivers food without any eating utensils? nakins? Oh that's right... Genghis Khan does... The spicy szechuan noodles were very dry... Tell me if I'm wrong but "stir fry" is far from every being dry! Disappointing... but I was hungry. :/ Rochelle, ordered 11 times <span class="review_date body_text" style="margin-left:30px;">Restaurant Owner Response:</span><br> <span class="review_text body_text">you order a singapore vermicelli not a a szechuan noodles, but yes singapore vermicelli is dry. It is traditionally cooked dry. You can prove us wrong, but I think every chinese restaurant in seattle cooks it dry. For utensils, there is a option for you to choose them. If you dont use that option, we assume you dont need it.</span>
Ok Reviews 04/01/2012
New ownership or cooks?? I used to order from this place all the time a few years was my FAV-GOTO for Chinese but things are definitely different... Chicken wings are the same - SUPER good and the General Tso is BETTER than I remember!! Most dissapponted in the BBQ fried rice - terrible =( portions are much smaller too. Driver was very nice and professional considering we gave the wrong address! Overall - good but not as great... Regina, ordered 12 times
Ok Reviews 03/27/2012
orange chicken sauce wasn't very spicy Kayla, ordered 7 times
Ok Reviews 03/22/2012
they never have a set spicyness level so sometimes when you get a 5 its a 3 and othertimes its a 10! try to get this right guys or i will stop ordering food from you! alex, ordered 43 times
Great Reviews 03/14/2012
wish they delivered to ballard! =( Nellie, ordered 17 times
Ok Reviews 02/26/2012
I got some sesame beef and beef fried rice with wonton soup. It came in less than 30 minutes, really fast, and arguably the sesame was a bit too soggy with its sauce. The rest of the food was delicious though. Jacob, ordered 2 times
Great Reviews 02/26/2012
Great food at a great price! Benjamin, ordered 66 times
Great Reviews 02/15/2012
I have ordered several times from this place. The delivery time does tend to take awhile; only once in 10 times has the food come in under an hour. BUT, the food is DARN good. They always pay attention to my picky instructions, and the food is prepared with high-quality ingredients. Jonathan, ordered 41 times
Great Reviews 02/13/2012
Was pretty good Chinese.. Considering we don`t have much of a selection here in Seattle. Very Fair prices. Definitely eat from here again!! susan, ordered 20 times
Bad Reviews 02/12/2012
Can't believe I paid 18 dollars for a small box of tofu and a couple soggy potstickers. No vegetables as labeled in menu, and too little sauce left the tofu dry! For a $10 main dish that is just unacceptable, and no rice either? Cav, ordered 4 times
Ok Reviews 01/30/2012
This is a mixed bag, sometimes it's really good. Sometimes it's really bad. Gustavo, ordered 5 times
Bad Reviews 01/15/2012
I have ordered from Genghis Khan a couple of times. Last night I ordered from them again after a bad experience from the time before (other experiences have been generally good to excellent). Last expereince was not very satisfying and I feel that for the first time I needed to right an online review. The things that I asked for I didnt get, the things I didnt want I got. For example I asked for no shrimp on my chow main but got them, and while I asked for xtra Sweet and Sour Sauce I didnt get it. I also dont understand why on take out they insist on putting the shredded cabbage on the bottom of the take out containers....we have to pick through it and its annoying. My recommendations to the the orders slips for special instructions from your guests and stop putting the cabbage in the take out will save your some money and help us out. Overall the food is good, I am eating the left overs for lunch today. I doubt however that I will order from here again. They are plenty of great delivered chinese restaurants in Seattle. I like Chens Chinese Village or Pandasia from Magnolia. I will ordered from one of these two in the future. Dan, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 01/06/2012
Good, inexpensive Chinese food right to your front door. This place rocks. Sam, ordered 15 times
Ok Reviews 12/28/2011
I love this place, I really do but I am SO upset that they have chosen to no longer deliver to my house. Up until this month they had and it was great especially when I didn't want to leave home. But now they don't deliver to my place but will deliver to my friends house a few blocks away. It's disappointing. Kirsten, ordered 24 times <span class="review_date body_text" style="margin-left:30px;">Restaurant Owner Response:</span><br> <span class="review_text body_text">We have not change our delivery area. if we delivery to you before, we should delivery to you now. please give us a call (206) 682-3606</span>
Great Reviews 12/27/2011
I have ordered now from Genghis Khan several times. I am very pleased with their food and they often deliver very quickly. As well, they have been great about my egg allergy. I recommend this restaurant. Get the almond chicken. Or get the family deal that has the almond chicken . It's fantastic. Even though it isn't fresh from the kitchen on account of being delivered to your home. Karen, ordered 23 times
Great Reviews 12/12/2011
consistently good quality food for reasonable prices Christian, ordered 14 times
Bad Reviews 12/03/2011
Food came late. Duck had an old taste while the fried rice was dry and crispy. Monira, ordered 7 times
Great Reviews 12/03/2011
I've ordered from this place multiple times. Delivery is always on time. This is my go to Americanized Chinese food place. They give a generous amount of food. Their chow mein is really good; I would definitely recommend it. Their general tsao chicken is super greasy and it's not what I'm used to but I still really like it for some reason. Ashley, ordered 45 times
Great Reviews 11/29/2011
I think I found the best Chinese take-out in town! Steven, ordered 11 times
Ok Reviews 11/27/2011
The first time we ordered from Genghis Khan (after a recommendation from a good friend, who is a total foodie, we were stoked!) The food was outstanding! Now, upon our third delivery order, we are disappointed for the second time with the the complete inconsistency! This time, the General's chicken came sprinkled with sugar. What? Hey, if you forget to sweeten the sauce, please don't throw a sh.. load of sugar on the entree...Nothing worse than crunchin' on sugar granules with every bite. The first time we ordered, which was amazing, we were stunned with how delicious the G.K. chow mein was. We actually thought we had found the best chow mein ever, but successively, on the third order, no bueno. The chow mein had no spice and was super dry. Bummer! We really want to love this place, and after our first experience, we did! Now, however, we feel like it's all about what night you order, and who is cooking. Bottom line...If you get the great cook, your food will be amazing. If you get the wrong one, I'd go with Shanghai express from Safeway...kinda sad. kathryn, ordered 21 times
Great Reviews 11/23/2011
Lots of prawns with the sweet and sour prawns, never had a bad dish after yrs of ordering by phone, nice restaurant too (next to showbox on 1st Ave) Orion, ordered 12 times
Bad Reviews 11/21/2011
The food was luke warm to cold and it was not very good at all. I told my boyfriend they should be called Genghis Khan Artists. I do not recomend. Amie, ordered 3 times
Great Reviews 11/07/2011
Best take out around! Steven, ordered 11 times
Bad Reviews 10/27/2011
Due to a disability I rely on deliver from time to time for lunch. This place is literally 50 yards from my office and takes them in excess of 1 hour to deliver. Cold, breaded, pan fried garbage is what I've received on both of my orders. This place should be closed. Tim, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 08/26/2011
Yummy, Delivery was on time & the food was hot on arrival. Very flavorful almond chicken and house chow mein was packed with meat and prawns :P Jeff, ordered 2 times
Great Reviews 08/04/2011
I ordered the Almond Chicken and Pork Fried Rice. Both were really good! Nicely breaded, lots of crushed Almonds, delicious! Came with Fortune Cookies and Soy Sauce, delivery in @ 1 hour and I like that the delivery minimum is reasonable. Thanks J.P, ordered 41 times
Bad Reviews 07/10/2011
The food was not very good. It was not tasty. John, ordered 4 times
Great Reviews 06/04/2011
i really love this resturant. Their chicken dishes are always perfectly breaded and cooked. and their homemade suaces are too die for. A MUST ORDER. ivan, ordered 5 times
Ok Reviews 05/01/2011
better than most of the sucky places around here Nellie, ordered 17 times
Great Reviews 04/25/2011
Very nice people, and they do a good job. So far I haven't ordered anything less than decent. The General Tso is a bit odd and pretty greasy (almost like big, beer battered chicken fingers with a small amount of sauce), but still tasty. The Beef and Chinese Broccoli is consistently excellent. I live very close by and delivery is extremely fast (half an hour or less) and the one time they messed up the order, they brought me a replacement within fifteen minutes. Not the greatest Chinese on earth, but for fast and consistent and on par with generally so-so Chinese in Seattle. Recommended. Vanessa, ordered 19 times
Ok Reviews 04/15/2011
The one thing I can say about this place, is that is lacking in consistency. One day the spicy orange chicken melts in your mouth, the next the sweet and sour chicken seems bland and unappetizing. I will say this though, most of the time, the food is fabulous, meeting my oral expectations and sometimes then some. My order tonight was completely wrong, bummer... April, ordered 11 times
Great Reviews 04/12/2011
Fast, tasty, awesome. Joel, ordered 37 times
Great Reviews 04/06/2011
I ordered the D1 meal and it was good. Food was hot and tasty and they have all the condiments in a separate bag. Plus I ordered for BBQ pork (14pcs) and so I counted it and it's more than 14 pcs~! :) Plus the delivery guy was really nice and polite! Friendly delivery people is always a plus for me! I will definetely order again soon. carizza, ordered 13 times
Great Reviews 04/04/2011
The food was very good, the orange chicken was not what I expected, but still, tasty. Kayla, ordered 7 times
Ok Reviews 03/30/2011
The order took an exact hour to get here. The food was good except for the fried rice. I was not impressed by the fried rice at all. Overall, I probably will order from here again. Caroline, ordered 28 times
Ok Reviews 03/19/2011
Quality has gone down hill at this place. Still OK for a late night snack but don't expect to be impressed any more. Jason, ordered 135 times
Great Reviews 03/13/2011
Except for the hot and sour soup it was sweet and sour instead:( I wish they fix it in the future. Wisam, ordered 5 times
Great Reviews 03/13/2011
Liked the mu shu chicken and green beans. The honey walnut shrimp was horrible. Erica, ordered 34 times
Great Reviews 03/11/2011
They're quick and prompt. The food and especially the rice is very good. Wisam, ordered 5 times
Ok Reviews 03/09/2011
Order arrived well after estimated delivery time. Food was (mostly) hot when it arrived, however, so okay. Soup was amazing and the Mongolian Beef was good enough though I was disappointed with the serving size (I ordered Dinner 1) and everything being packaged in one box. The egg rolls were decent at best and the BBQ pork and (1) potstickers were the same. Probably won't order from here again unless I really can't get out to Seven Star on 12th and Jackson. Michael, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 02/11/2011
This hardly even qualifies for Americanized Chinese. I'll admit, I ordered the General Tso's and the Lemon Chicken -- both deep fried, both usually tasty but BAD FOR YOU. Anyway, the food from here was outright pathetic. I think they must just fry a gigantic batch of chicken, slap worse-that-store-bought sauce on various bits, and call it a meal. SOOOOO much sugar and artificial flavor it curdled my tongue. Also, a small point, but the General Tso's wasn't even red. I mean, looking at it and tasting it: they threw corn syrup and dried chilies together. Little if anything else. Shiny goop with little bits of pepper floating around on top of bland fried chicken. YUCK. Even I know how to use Sriracha in a recipe! Final thought, I'm a fan of cheap delivery fried foods, and I would never order from here again. Mariana, ordered 57 times <span class="review_date body_text" style="margin-left:30px;">Restaurant Owner Response:</span><br> <span class="review_text body_text">BTW, Sriracha is not chinese. It's phonic translation in Chinese doesn't have a meaning with Mandarin or Cantonese. I've never seen red General Tsao's chicken in China or the USA.</span>
Bad Reviews 02/06/2011
While I appreciate the fast & friendly delivery, the dishes (Mongolian Beef and Almond Chicken) are only mediocre at best. Yes, I wasn't looking for something completely authentic and exotic, but I did expect my food to be better. The complimentary hot & sour soup and wontons turned out to be better than the dishes I paid for. A disappointment, given my usual enthusiasm for Chinese food. Kim, ordered 34 times
Great Reviews 01/24/2011
What I always hoped that Chinese delivery would be. I love it. Patrick, ordered 109 times
Bad Reviews 01/20/2011
I was in town on business so I was staying at a hotel. They brought my food with no fork or spoon, so I ended up having to wait for the hotel to send up silverware. Food was marginal. Sweet and sour sauce tasted burnt. Fried wonton were mainly fried dough with out much filling. jason, ordered 2 times
Great Reviews 01/14/2011
Food arrived within 15 minutes; they're still hot and everything's tasty. I got the beef mongolian, general tsao chicken and sauteed green bean. Will order more in the near future! Lucky, ordered 89 times
Great Reviews 01/13/2011
House chow neon and orange beef are awesome! Jordan, ordered 5 times
Great Reviews 01/10/2011
We LOVE this place at work! They are really quick and the food is awesome! The salt and pepper prawns are very addictive! Heather, ordered 50 times
Bad Reviews 12/19/2010
Update: Two hours after eating, I'm feeling really nautious and had to puke. Steve, ordered 3 times
Bad Reviews 12/19/2010
I ordered the Beef Chow Fun and dinner #1 online at 6:47. The order receipt said that I should expect my wait time to be around 45-60 minutes. I was pretty hungry and after waiting an hour I called in to double check that they did get my order. They assured me that they got my order and that it was already on its way. At 7:55 the delivery guy showed up. He was pretty nice but I had to wait 68 minutes to get my food. They give you a lot of food. I was actually surprised how heavy the bag was but the food had gone cold so I portioned out a plate and put it into the microwave for a minute. The Beef Chow Fun is one of the chef recommended items on the menu so I wanted to try that out but it turned out to be very bland and didn’t have enough kinds of vegetables. I actually ended up picking out two thirds of the noodles and just putting them aside. The dinner #1 was pretty bad also. The pork fried rice was greasy and very salty. The pork pieces had the size and taste of bacon bits. I would say they were but I don’t want to seem like I’m picking on the food. The Mongolian beef was tender but besides the heat from the red peppers, it tasted like the same beef on the Beef Chow Fun. To be honest, the only part of the meal I really enjoyed was the fortune cookie because it was the only part of the meal that didn’t taste greasy or bland... That’s probably mean to say but It was the only part of the meal I was satisfied with. Steve, ordered 3 times
Ok Reviews 12/08/2010
I have ordered from Genghis Khan many times, and have been happy every time, for the most part...until today. I usually order the family dinner for 1 person and then (because of the $15 minimum) I order another dish to taste and then save for my kids to eat when they get home from school. Today I ordered curry chicken, specifying 3 star spiciness. Not only was this dish not spicy, but it was rather tasteless with the consistency of soup. Also, my family dinner for 1 did not come with the advertised soup (which I always look forward to). I requested chopsticks which I did not get, and, with the exception of 3 fortune cookies, there were no condiments included. No soy sauce (I don't use it anyway), no hot mustard or sesame seeds. Pretty disappointed today. Lauri, ordered 51 times
Ok Reviews 12/05/2010
Delivery was hot and timely. Food was good, but not quite right. The quantity and quality for the price was great though. I’d order again. Deena, ordered 4 times
Great Reviews 12/03/2010
I ordered dinner. The quoted delivery time was 45-60 minutes. It arrived in SIXTEEN MINUTES. Seriously! AS timed by Gmail and my order confirmation! Unbelievable! Very, very happy. :-) Lisa, ordered 69 times
Great Reviews 11/24/2010
I tried this restaurant for the first time the other day. It was cold outside and we didn't want to leave so we figured give them a shot. I placed the order online and after I placed it the receipt said 45-60 min. Which was understandable considering weather conditions. The driver showed up 30 minutes after I ordered and the food was still hot. I ordered the Chef's Special Chow Mein and my fiance ordered the Chicken Chow Mein. Both were outstanding. The amount of food they gave was too much to eat in one sitting so we had dinner that night as well. The only thing I wasn't happy about was the lack of shrimp in my order. There was only 2 pieces, but I figured it was because it had everything else mixed in with it. All in all, we will definitely order from here again. I've read their General Tsao's Chicken was excellent. Tony, ordered 52 times
Great Reviews 11/20/2010
I always order from this restaurant when I am craving Chinese food and it never disappoints me. They are fast, friendly, and great. I think they are THE best delivery chinese food places in Seattle. Jennifer, ordered 17 times
Great Reviews 11/18/2010
Supa Fast delivery! And food was good. Will add these guys to my favs and hopefully they won't disappoint in the future. NATASHA, ordered 2 times
Ok Reviews 11/14/2010
Food was only warm by the time it arrived. It wasn't terrible, but I won't order it again. igor, ordered 2 times
Bad Reviews 11/14/2010
Worst Chinese Ive ever had.. I ordered Generals Chicken, which was luke warm, and drenched in a cold sauce with so much sugar it was unbearable. I also got the potstickers, which were also not good. Safeway makes better potstickers. And the rice, was rice.. It took 1 1/2 hours to be delivered. Overall, BAD. I would recommend going to Safeway for chinese food that is better than this place. josh, ordered 7 times
Ok Reviews 11/11/2010
The food wasn't good. But it wasn't bad. I almost want to give a better review though, just because it got here faster than anything else I've ever ordered and the portions were huge... So 3 1/2 Stars. Sarah, ordered 68 times
Great Reviews 11/03/2010
Super fast delivery service!!!! Gerardo, ordered 8 times
Great Reviews 10/27/2010
love the duck.... and the bbq pork Paul, ordered 32 times
Ok Reviews 10/27/2010
fast delivery but rice a little soggy Paul, ordered 32 times
Great Reviews 10/26/2010
Delivery was very fast! Food was still hot and fresh. I ordered the no-msg versions of Mongolian Prawns and Orange chicken. Both were really good--hit the spot and really satisfied my craving for american Chinese without the coma afterwards. Vegetables were cooked perfectly, still crisp, not overdone. Nice, distinct flavors but not too salty. Orange chicken came with the sauce on the side, which makes sense with delivery, but I think I would like it better tossed in the sauce. Still, it was great! The sauce was delicious with a great orange flavor. And it wasn't that disgusting jello-like stuff that you get sometimes. I would definitely order from here again. If I wanted more "authentic" Chinese food, I'd drive on down to the ID, but honestly, when im not motivated to do that, Ghengis Khan will be a great standby. High quality, tasty food, especially for delivery. Definitely try it! Sarah, ordered 15 times
Bad Reviews 10/23/2010
The food was TERRIBLE! We ordered lemon chicken and general tsos chicken. Off spices, too much salt/soy sauce, the food was luke warm. They rang my bell but refused to come up to my apartment door( I live on the 1st floor and we have an elevator). When I called to complain the manager treated me like I was a liar. Sent someone out to my house to pick up the food. The delivery driver inspected all of my food outside my door and made a big deal out of giving me my money back. TERRIBLE food and HORRIBLE service. Do not eat here. julie, ordered 9 times <span class="review_date body_text" style="margin-left:30px;">Restaurant Owner Response:</span><br> <span class="review_text body_text">If I remember correctly, this order didn't even come from Eat24. The questioning was to make sure that we find out what was wrong and what is the underlining cause of the problem. I think we refunded the money for the whole order even though you ate half of the lemon chicken. We are commited to our quality and service; our 50+ positive feedback are proof of that.</span>
Bad Reviews 10/15/2010
The general tsao's chicken was terrible, never order it. The mongolian beef was edible, but not very good either. Delivery time was about 55 minutes. Natalie, ordered 71 times
Great Reviews 10/04/2010
Excellent Mu Shu, Hot & sour soup, delivery was a little slow but the food was worth the wait. Jonathan, ordered 114 times
Ok Reviews 10/02/2010
despite the time I waited for it, the food was actually quite delicious Daryious, ordered 30 times
Ok Reviews 09/26/2010
Pretty good, except they seem to be getting chintzier and chintzier on the quantities. Every time we order, we have been getting less and less. Used to get three wontons per person in our soup, now we're just getting two. And barely enough chicken for both people when ordering the "Dinner for Two". Tasty, just not sufficient. Mindy, ordered 21 times
Great Reviews 09/25/2010
Food was pretty good and speed was very timely Steven, ordered 58 times
Ok Reviews 09/15/2010
Food was okay: pot stickers and crab rangoon were actually pretty good, egg roll was horrible (had a crayon taste to it), chkn fried rice was fine, mongolian pork was acceptable (they actually do seem to add appropriately high levels of chilis). However, my wife is allergic to MSG and she woke up with hives on her arms this morning after eating from this restaurant last night. We won't be reordering from them... Ryan, ordered 22 times <span class="review_date body_text" style="margin-left:30px;">Restaurant Owner Response:</span><br> <span class="review_text body_text">We can customize each dish and we've cooked no MSG version for our repeat customers many times. Just write it down on the notes section and we would be more the happy to comply with your request.</span>
Great Reviews 09/12/2010
Food arrived in about half an hour. The crispy chicken was crispy and everything was better than your average Chineese restaurant. Reza, ordered 16 times
Great Reviews 09/11/2010
Good food, fast service. What more could you ask? Richard, ordered 105 times
Bad Reviews 09/06/2010
Delivery time was good--about 40 minutes when 45-60 was expected. The food...not so good. The Crab Rangoon are terrible--egregiously so. The skewered beef was greasy and not very tasty. The fried rice was ok. melanie, ordered 177 times
Bad Reviews 09/06/2010
I didn't receive two of the items on my order, yet was still charged full price. benjamin, ordered 13 times
Ok Reviews 09/04/2010
10/24/10- Not so prompt today. Hour and 10 minutes. My honey walnut shrimp was room temp and for some reason they put the sauce on the side? I think I liked it better last time on the shrimp. I've never had beef chow fun before so I can't say too much. But it was sort of bland. The beef was tender and nice though. 9/4/10- Prompt and friendly delivery. My special order was correct and the food came hot. The bbq pork fried rice was great. I liked that it wasn't oily. Although I would imagine some might think it dry as a result, but I thought it was perfect. The honey walnut prawns were pretty good. Not the best I've had in Seattle, but my overall experience was very good. Karen, ordered 23 times
Great Reviews 09/04/2010
We LOVE Genghis Khan and have been repeat customers. Delicious food and quick service. Thank you! Jennifer, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 09/02/2010
Chicken wings were so greasy I couldn't finish them. Fried rice was over cooked. Lori, ordered 152 times
Ok Reviews 09/02/2010
The Beef Chow Mein was delicious! It was downhill from there though. Honey Walnut Prawns are supposed to have a thick, sweet glaze but they just dunked the prawns in a mediocre white sauce. I won't order it again. I couldn't taste any cream cheese in the Crab Rangoon, it was just filled with some sort of mush. The broth in the Won Ton Soup was completely tasteless and barely luke warm. Ugh... I gave the restaurant a 3 but wanted to give it a 2 1/2. Cheryl, ordered 55 times
Great Reviews 09/01/2010
The delivery time was accurate to the point where I went outside to have a smoke exactly 45 minutes after I ordered. They showed up while I was outside. The deliver driver was "new" he said and had trouble finding my place so when I saw him down the street I waved him down and met him halfway up the block. He was nice and offered me his back to sign the receipt. The food was about an 8 out of ten in terms of Chinese food. I got the General Tsao's chicken and the pork fried rice. The rice was amazing. The chicken was great, but I would have preferred it a bit crispier. I ordered level 4 spicy (out of 5) but I wasn't really feeling it. Next time I'll get a 5. The only downfall was that the bottom of the container with the rice leaked all over the place so there was oily sauce all up in the bag. But, they take great care to package everything individually (even my canned soda was wrapped like a present) so it wasn't a huge deal. I definitely recommend this place! Zachary, ordered 37 times
Bad Reviews 08/26/2010
Literally the worst food I've ordered since living in Seattle. STEER. CLEAR. Robert, ordered 6 times
Bad Reviews 08/20/2010
Over an hour delivery time. Called and the woman didn't even give an apology. I won't be ordering here again. James, ordered 143 times
Bad Reviews 08/20/2010
Over an hour delivery time. Called and the woman didn't even give an apology. I won't be ordering here again. James, ordered 143 times
Ok Reviews 08/10/2010
love the timing and the staff :) Robert, ordered 21 times
Great Reviews 08/08/2010
Their eggrolls are more like springrolls, but I like them. Their fried wontons are weak, but cheap. Their orange beef is DELISH. Emily, ordered 13 times
Great Reviews 08/07/2010
Timely delivery and generally good food. I wouldn't recommend the honey walnut prawns - the sauce is not very good and the shrimp were breaded and soggy. But the General Tso's chicken is fantastic. So is the mongolian beef. James, ordered 5 times
Great Reviews 08/07/2010
Best beef chow mein ever! Miguel, ordered 10 times
Great Reviews 07/25/2010
Their family dinners are affordable and delicious, and their delivery is always on time. Tyler, ordered 21 times
Bad Reviews 07/15/2010
Yikes, pretty terrible food. Victor, ordered 21 times
Ok Reviews 07/09/2010
Crab Rangoons are not good. Justin, ordered 47 times
Ok Reviews 06/11/2010
Not bad. I was actually pretty surprised by it. No standouts, though. Chas, ordered 63 times
Bad Reviews 06/06/2010
Food was horrible. Will never order from, nor go there again. Disappointment and waste of money. Kimberly, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 05/30/2010
It's basic Chinese food, but tastes as if it had been cooked the day before. I would recommend moving on to the next option. David, ordered 72 times
Great Reviews 05/29/2010
I have ordered from them twice now, and I LOVE them! It's my new favorite. I've ordered the: *Gyoza - comes with a real unique tangy dipping sauce *Wonton Soup - YUMMY! *Mongolian Beef - the beef was tender and it tasted as if it had been marinated and was fresh. The veggies were cooked perfectly, and the sauce was soo delicious, I saved it and put it on rice for a later meal. The price is low and the food is good! I highly recommend. Stephanie, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 05/15/2010
Friendly service! Fast delivery! Amazing food! Gotta love this place! Thank you! Chloe, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 05/14/2010
It's fast and the food is good.... Gee, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 04/29/2010
Food arrived on time, hot, and tasty. Ashley, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 04/21/2010
Love this place! Always great Michelle, ordered 39 times
Great Reviews 04/16/2010
We order from this restaunt all the time. For the price the food is pretty good. We always get the Crab Rangoon, won't order without it. Other than that we switch the main dishes around and sample. I can say I always order the "old style" General's Chicken (not on the menu you have to ask for it) as I was disapointed when they changed the reciepe. Kristen, ordered 13 times
Ok Reviews 04/06/2010
wasn't very much food for the price and I was bummed that absolutely NO rice came with it. Phoebe, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 04/04/2010
Excellent food, decent delivery time but slightly on the pricey side. However they have duck made to order! Absolutely superb! Jessica, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 03/24/2010
Huge portions and great flavors. I especially liked the prawns. Allen, ordered 4 times
Ok Reviews 03/16/2010
genghis khan is good! Kate, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 03/04/2010
General Tsao's Chicken is sooo good! Everything we've have has been great. TIM, ordered 54 times
Bad Reviews 02/27/2010
Genghis Khan Combination Platter never again..... Michelle, ordered 39 times
Great Reviews 02/26/2010
good food at a good price. Lance, ordered 157 times
Great Reviews 02/14/2010
One of the best places to order from. Great food and fast service. Timothy, ordered 136 times
Great Reviews 02/06/2010
Fantastic, that is all I need to say. Michelle, ordered 39 times
Great Reviews 01/29/2010
Decent food, large portions, cheap, quick delivery. Quit bitching haters. Loren, ordered 195 times
Great Reviews 01/28/2010
We have ordered from Genghis Khan four times now. The delivery guys have always been nice and timely with us. Let's get this straight, it is not Chinatown food but we don't expect that either for delivery. Their entries are hit or miss. They are either very good or meh. Because overall our experience has been positive, we keep ordering to find out what dishes they do well so we can stick to those. David, ordered 37 times
Bad Reviews 01/28/2010
hey..... they forgot my eggrolls jeniffer, ordered 52 times
Great Reviews 01/26/2010
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Genghis Khan food!! Suzy, ordered 7 times
Great Reviews 01/16/2010
Ok, so is it the "best Chinese food ever"? I really can't say as I've never had the "best Chinese food ever"! We've ordered from Genghis Khan about 5 times. We originally chose them because other than pizza it was the only place we could find to deliver to us in West Seattle. Genghis Khan has always been consistent in food, taste, and service. We have delivery times between 30-60 minutes, food is always good and hot. We definitely appreciate having some good Chinese delivery here on the West side, and we will continue to order from Genghis Khan. Dan, ordered 21 times
Great Reviews 01/16/2010
love this place! friendly service and great food! kareena, ordered 9 times
Bad Reviews 01/16/2010
Delivery took a very long time. The driver did seem very rushed. The food was terrible, definately will not order from here again. Eric, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 01/15/2010
GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT Molly, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 01/10/2010
Timely service, and consistent temperature and food quality. Jon, ordered 152 times
Great Reviews 01/08/2010
i've ordered from a few other places around town and been disappointed. this is the best ive found as overall taste, price, and delivery goes. some dishes are a little lacking in overall flavor, but the portions are excellent, always with good cuts of meat. the kung pao chicken and orange beef are both great. sarah, ordered 21 times
Ok Reviews 12/24/2009
Some of the best chow mein I've ever had, balanced by some of the worst crab rangoon. The cream cheese in the rangoon was extremely "fluffy"; the only way I know how to describe the texture. The Genghis Khan's Special Chow Mein, on the other hand, was outstanding. Joshua, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 12/11/2009
Yes, please. Good stuff. Fast delivery. Ian, ordered 1 times
Ok Reviews 11/26/2009
fsvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Shelby, ordered 6 times
Great Reviews 11/26/2009
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffantastic Shelby, ordered 6 times
Great Reviews 11/19/2009
Sobering Center approves. kyle, ordered 10 times
Ok Reviews 11/15/2009
Delivery is quick. Food (potstickers, mongolian beef and Genghis Khan fried rice) was OK. Will order again. Ugo, ordered 15 times
Great Reviews 11/12/2009
AWESOME! Guy had a wireless credit card machine?!?! He was here in like 20 minutes, and the food was hot and tasty! Recommend the chk fried rice!! Jason, ordered 135 times
Great Reviews 10/20/2009
Delicious! I will be ordering again! Michelle, ordered 39 times
Great Reviews 10/10/2009
This was the BEST CHINSE FOOD i have ever had and i have eatan in china town in both New York and San Fransico. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mike, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 10/03/2009
Fried rice was very good! Michelle, ordered 39 times
Ok Reviews 09/25/2009
decent food for the price Alexander, ordered 2 times
Ok Reviews 09/19/2009
nothing great! food was so so. took a while to get the order James, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 09/08/2009
incredible food and great delivery time.....only recommendation is to include chop-sticks with delivery!!! Jonathan, ordered 2 times
Great Reviews 08/31/2009
I just moved to Seattle a couple months ago and HAVE to have Chinese delivery when I am hungover. That being said, the choices have not been great. However, I have ordered from Genghis Khan a few times now and if I have to rate it based on what's available here in Belltown; it's the best. If I had to put put it up against my east-coast Chinese, it would loose. That being said, everything has been GOOD, not GREAT. My favorite are the crab ragoons. Also, if your a Coke drinker like me... make sure they have it. They sent Pepsi today... yuck! Daniel, ordered 33 times
Great Reviews 08/16/2009
Delivered hot and pop ice cold. There pork fried rice was in a long time. I would order again next time I'm in town. Stacy, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 08/16/2009
Delivered hot and pop ice cold. There pork fried rice was in a long time. I would order again next time I'm in town. Stacy, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 08/13/2009
The food is quite good, the delivery guy is okay, but they forgot a part of my order. Hmm... okay I'm not gonna be hard on them. An okay-restaurant. Thai, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 08/10/2009
Great food! So good that is the first time I have bothered to write a review. Chris, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 07/28/2009
My mom and I both love this place! Its not the healthiest food in the world but damn, it sure is good! Daniel/Betsy, ordered 3 times
Great Reviews 07/24/2009
Really affordable yet delicious. They always deliver so fast and the food is fresh. I have to ask for NO MSG and some other stuff and they always make sure accommodate. I like the pork fried rice, the chicken wings are AWESOME, and i even like the mongolian beef (mild) and I usually don't eat beef. I actually prefer it over the chicken dishes! Anyway, I order from here all the time. It's a very good value. jen, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 07/17/2009
Took well over an hour for delivery. The fried rice was burnt, the sweet and sour sauce was corn syrup with red dye and slices of pineapple. The entrees were edible but just barely. I wont be ordering from them again. David, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 07/13/2009
Genghis Khan was recommended by a friend so we thought we'd give em a try. The Food arrived hot and on-time and we're a couple miles away. The BBQ pork had some real Spicy Mustard ( I loved it), Genghis Khan Chow Mein had a great balance of Meats and Veggies, Yummy Sweet n Sour Chicken ( Roommate Loved it), and the Rice was nice and sticky, not overcooked as someone else commented before. We didn't like our fortunes :( and cookies were stale. Overall I'd order again for sure! Jeff, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 07/09/2009
The rice was dry and overcooked, the chow mein, also dry..i was very dissapointed. to top it all off the food arrived cold as if it sat around for a while before being delivered. ive had good food from this restaurant before, maybe 2 years definitely isn't the same quality as i remember. Sandra, ordered 4 times
Great Reviews 07/01/2009
Great food, fast service. hot and freshly cooked A+. Christian, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 06/21/2009
I don't know why all the reviews on here are so bad! This place was great! The sodas were ice cold. The General Tsao's chicken was hot and delicious. And the level of spice was perfect! Also, it said it would take between 30 and 60 minutes to get to me, and it took just under 30. I am impressed! I will definitely be ordering from here again! Thank you! Meghan, ordered 14 times
Great Reviews 06/20/2009
The bad reviewers are acting like Genghis Khan came back from the dead, raped their family and burned down their village. It's not that bad. It's not five stars, certainly, but it's far from inedible. Greasy? Sure. MSG? Probably. Delivery? Yes. Affordable? Yes. And the Duck kicks ass. David, ordered 111 times
Bad Reviews 06/19/2009
The delivery guy was really rushed and kind of rude. He wouldn't get out of the way when a neighbor was trying to get in to the building. As far as the food goes, I've had much better. The General Tso's Chicken was so overly seasoned, I thought they must have dumped a salt shaker into it. The rice was old and hard, the soda was warm...COULD ANYTHING ELSE GO WRONG??? Casey, ordered 2 times
Bad Reviews 06/13/2009
i say ok they now came to the site so i try them out big big mistake they cook they food with MSG MY LIPS AN TROTH STILL PAIN DUE TO THE MSG I NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN TONY, ordered 1 times
Bad Reviews 06/12/2009
Why have so many Asian (Chinese) restaurants switched from using the delicious, creamy brown gravy served with their Almond Chicken to something more resembling anything from the color and consitency of maple syrup to the color of dog urine with a taste as bland as cardboard? I guess I can no longer order Almond chicken from anyone. I used to order double and sometimes triple orders of Ghengis Kahn's deep-fried chicken wings because they were just so delicious! It's a good thing I only ordered one this time. They tasted rather fishy which says to me "time for an oil change" and were undercooked which says "throw away!" Nothing else I had was worth mentioning. These guys have had their day in the sun but now it's raining on their parade. I won't be ordering from them again. Patrick, ordered 84 times
- out of 5
- out of 5
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Absolutely disgusting, greasy food. Do not order this for delivery. Probably shouldn't eat there either if you value your health in the slightest. I... read more...
Posted by Jennifer M. on

Worst Meal... An Awful Experience... Stay Away I wanted an alternative to the journey to the International District. I had seen this restaurant on the... read more...
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